Because the bucket bag brand success, only more than 2 years Mansur Gavriel has been known to every family brand. Exquisite workmanship, reasonable price and celebrity blessing, is the cause of sales unabated. For the first time issued a total of 4 kinds of shoes shape, 5 height,mansur gavriel singapore 15 colors and 2 kinds of material selection, change down, there are 320 kinds of style. This also published 2 new bag, briefcase and hand round bag, pattern also has a monochrome and fringe two styles. It is understood that Mansoor Lil (Mansur Gavriel) created in 2012, is a world-renowned light luxury bags brand, 2014 with original bucket bag design and popular in the world, once let many big name stars, fashion blogger and trend of talent in droves. Like Christine Dunst (Kirsten Dunst), Alexander Ambrosio (Alessandra Ambrosio), Miranda Kerr (Miranda Kerr), many international big stars are MANSUR GAVRIEL fan. Mansoor Lil (Mansur Gavriel) was founded in the United States, the United States is the Mansoor Lil Group Limited brands. The brand to "natural, simple, Joker" for the design concept, the bags inside the colorful coating design, the appearance of simple restrained, low-key and gorgeous. The leather raw materials are from in the world's most exquisite tanning process origin Mansur Gavriel Bucke- Italy; leather fiber tissue compaction, surface plump, flexibility and strong, long service life. Mansoor Lil (Mansur Gavriel) currently has six basic models, respectively is the bucket bag (bucket bag, Kelly bag, lady bag, tote bag, tote), shoulder bag backpack, saddle bag Crossbody purse (wallet). Each style has its own unique style, which the classical styles - bucket bag (bucket bag) enough to shook the bag fashion. 2013 in offering the first bag, in September the same year began maxed fashion week, sale by the end of 2014 on instagram just flashed pictures, only one hour sold 95% inventory, until this year, Mansoor Lil (Mansur Gavriel) has been an irreversible become the fashion circle most fire it bag. Every year there are many new brand quickly jump red, but like Mansour Gavril (Mansur Gavriel) that at first glance looks simple meeting is ignored, in fact is a fire not brand is not much. Last year at this time if the reference to "bucket" three words you talking about LV NN14 is a fashion icon, and this year again to "bucket bag". If you don't say Mansour Gavril (Mansur Gavriel), that is to is professionals innuendo you no sense of fashion the mansur gavriel tote singapore. To that shape, Mansur Gavriel bag gives the first impression is really simple to death, a code color leather, there is no any extraneous decorations, the biggest feature may is skin and lined with big bump color (red with black, brown with blue) but that is so simple and crude "design, but Kirsten Dunst), Alessandra Ambrosio (Alessandra Ambrosio), Miranda, Kerr (Miranda Kerr), Susie Lau, etc. all the vests q is high taste of beauty are to charmed. "To sell out of stock" and "fast fashion brand high imitation" (poster weave this is not named) became more Mansur Gavriel this year's keywords. Mansur Gavriel bag there are three styles, respectively is the bucket bag (bucket), tote bag (Tote) and backpack backpack, each kind of styles and tuba, trumpet two size, open the Mansur Gavriel's official website, you will find all the bags show at a glance, no year, also unlike most brands like playing elegant,Mansur Gavriel Bucke singapore to different styles of bags a girl like name, directly into six types of bucket, mini buket, large tote, small Tote, backpack, Mini Backpack is really simple and crude to the "heinous" as well as the shape of the bag Mansur Gavriel bag singapore.